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In St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, there is a plague on the wall with an inscription that is credited to the founder.

It reads:

Tears that cannot find expression will cause another organ to weep.

Hurt that is suppressed becomes anger, and anger ruins lives.
Grief that is held back becomes depression, and depression ruins lives.
Tears that are subdued become dis-ease, and disease ruins lives.

That’s why, dearest one, it really is ok to cry.

The video I'm sharing with you today was filmed on the day my friend, Caroline, passed away. It's dedicated to her and all of us who never lose sight of love.


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When we allow ourselves to cry and process our emotions, we give ourselves the freedom to reset and restore our natural equilibrium.

But when the tears just keep coming ... then it's time to get some help.

Please, take it from me - waking up in tears, holding back tears, and going to sleep in tears day after day after day, is NOT OK!

I know 'cos I've been there.

And I know how to heal the pain so the sun can shine in your life once again ☀️

Book your discovery call with me here and I will tell you how 👉 FREE Consult Call.

Love Bryony xx 

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