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Have you noticed how people are reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic in such different ways?

Some people just seem to be sailing through, full of resilience and an ‘everything will be ok in the end’ outlook of positivity.

Perhaps you recognise yourself in that?

Or perhaps, like many, you are sinking deeper into doubt and despair with every day that passes …

Maybe you feel as if you’re trapped on a roller coaster of panic and anxiety with no way to escape the internal chatter of your mind …

The world is united in compassion, concern and action as we face the pandemic together  - but the unwanted feelings that you’re experiencing right now, may have less to do with the virus and more to do with your own internal map of reality.

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IWe create our own internal map of reality as very young children according to the world we happen to be born into. The messages we receive from the influential adults around us in our formative years, determine whether we navigate adulthood using a map of abundance, resilience and optimism, or one of scarcity, fear and aloneness.

The connection between our internal map and how we react to daily life isn’t always obvious. We tend to attribute what’s coming up inside us to external triggers - we blame our anger on work, our loneliness on an ex, our fear on the economy … the list is endless.

We become experts at deflecting, denying and brushing unwanted feelings under the carpet, but the truth is, they just keep resurfacing in our lives over and over again. 

The first step towards breaking the cycle - and rewriting our internal map - is to acknowledge those unwanted feelings and dissolve the resistance that’s keeping them locked in. 

Whatever’s coming up for you, I invite you to follow this simple process:

Notice the feeling that is coming up for you. Be the observer. Give that feeling a name (fear, anger, aloneness, helplessness, jealousy etc)

  • Say out loud “I love the part of me that feels … (fear, anger, aloneness, helplessness, jealousy etc)“
  • Then say “and I love the part of me that hates feeling …(fear, anger, aloneness, helplessness, jealousy etc)”
  • Repeat until you feel a sense of relief 

This is a powerful process that works from the inside to change what comes up on the outside.  Why not take a pause whenever you catch yourself worrying or slipping into despondency and repeat this healing process?

The planet needs love right now - and love starts with loving yourself.

If you’d like to rewrite your internal map and wake up to unshakable inner peace and certainty each and every day, schedule your free Discovery Call now and I will show you how. xx 

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