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“I had some issues that I was unable to overcome for many years and I can really say my life is now changed for the better. I am now confident, carefree and happy, no longer anxious.

I’ve never experienced such a deep awakening before - magical and very healing.

Thank you so much Bryony, you really are a life saver! xxxx 

Yvonne Tsang, Property Developer

"Working with Bryony has been so helpful for me. She has a lovely nurturing personality, which made me feel really safe and supported. I have had issues with self esteem for most of my life and Bryony got right to the heart of it all. She really ‘got’ me.  

The block that was keeping me shut down just got up and left, and I feel free!

Bryony has coached me to recognise my own power. She is an amazing, really gifted therapist and coach and I can't recommend her enough."

Christine Horner, Home Educator

“I had suffered many years of crippling anxiety and unidentifiable worry. This, combined with experiencing the death of my best friend lead me to trying various different holistic therapies and counselling to no avail, until I tried one last avenue and contacted Bryony.  

Wow! The transformation I have felt internally now radiates externally and my journey has only just begun!

My initial conversations with her were comfortable from the outset, I felt at ease opening up to her and I had an eagerness to find the route of my anxiety and sadness. Bryony allowed me to connect to my deeper self and unveil the triggers that had been holding me back in all areas of my life.  

My follow up conversations and emails with Bryony are thorough and flow naturally, likened to that you may have with a friend.

Bryony has helped me tap in to my powerful and stronger self and bring that to challenges and obstacles that occur every day now. I can’t thank her enough!

She is a smart and sensitive lady with a heart of gold! Thank you Bryony x."  

Hayley Broderick, Sales Executive

"My session with you has been an absolute game changer in my life.

Bryony, thank you!"

Sadhia Khalid, Teacher

"Bryony emotionally, which in turn physically, changed my world! She is amazing and made me amazing too!

Her therapy is 2nd to none and worth every penny to change my every sensational second of every incredible minute, of every amazing hour, of every phenomenal day!

Truly life changing! Thank you so much!"

Vicky Spencer-Kibble, RTT Practitioner

"It’s hard to imagine the ‘me’ I was before working with Bryony, even though that was only a few short months ago. But I will never forget waking up the morning after our first session and realising that for the first time in my life, I actually like myself! That was an amazing feeling and one that I’ve waited a long time for.  

Friends have always said I’ve had an interesting life, and that’s true, but there’s always been an emptiness inside me and when things went wrong, I’d run. When I met Bryony I was at an all time low. I was in a total panic state, I felt totally out of control of everything and I didn’t know how to pull myself up again.  

I have learned so much about myself and let go of so many old hurts and limiting beliefs and Bryony has also given me the tools I need to process whatever comes up and stay in control of my life and my future.  

It’s been an incredible journey - I’ve travelled to my past to deal with the unfinished business of my childhood, I’m confident about my future and I’ve got rid of the unwanted habits that were holding me back.  

I like myself now and want to look after myself. I now feel so much more in control. I want to get out and enjoy my life, reach my goals rather than just existing. I’m retraining in a field I’m passionate about, I’ve lost weight and I’m actually enjoying going to the gym! I have much more confidence and, although I feel more able to be social, I don’t “people-please” as I’ve done all my life … so if I want to say no, I can.  

I couldn’t have done this without Bryony, she is a wonderful person, kind and empathetic. It is realistic to say it’s a life changing experience and you could have no one better to guide you along the way""

Sheryl Jones

"Bryony has turned my life around for the better.

I felt a shift in right away. I feel amazing, my mind is clear and my body feels light and happy. She made me feel so relaxed and I felt so open with her. No matter what I said, I didn’t feel judged. I realised that most of my decisions were based on me feeling powerless - not any more! I feel more and more in control of my life.  

I’m now re-shaping my life but I’m doing it from my authentic self and not on a belief and memory from the past.

Bryony goes that extra mile with you, and makes you realise you can move forward in your life. An amazing woman friend for life."

Trina Wright

"A session with Bryony is yes so empowering. Bryony is incredibly intuitive so you know you are in a safe place with her. She is highly qualified in so many areas of self development work and she brings her uniqueness to the session. Three months on my creativity is flowing twice as much as before. I have produced two scripts.

I have a new confidence that feels fresh, centred and alive and I am excited about what lies ahead.

I totally recommend that you book a session with Bryony.

I agree, she is a game changer. Thank you Bryony."

Valerie Dent, Actor, Writer and Director

"After going through a really tough time, I lacked self esteem and didn’t know how to move forward.

After just one session with Bryony, the fog lifted and I had more energy. She made the future seem positive and made me feel empowered. 

I am now able to handle situations with a positive outlook and, for the first time in my life, appreciate and value myself too."

Carly Tibbins, PPIE Officer 

“I simply cannot thank you enough, I feel like so much has cleared that I’m now on the level of creating. It’s been an awesome journey with you - I just didn’t expect results so quick!  

I’ve always sensed I was destined for great things and it was so frustrating to find myself caught in self doubt and confusion and procrastinating about the things I wanted to do. All that has cleared now. So many business opportunities are coming to me and I’m allowing myself to flow with what’s coming up and just trust in the process. Getting to know my future self has been a big part of that, it’s given me a wonderful sense of certainty that everything will be ok and I will achieve the things I want.  

I’m on fire and loving every bit of this! I get so much work done and I find I’m super organised so I can complete everything plus more and still have time to be a Mum to my 3 boys.  

It’s amazing how we start the process of working with ourselves, that we then discover new things! I’ve just been selected to do an MBA - it was totally unexpected and I’m over the moon at such amazing opportunity and … I’m getting married next year! It all happened that night after our session and I seriously can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. It’s been an absolutely amazing journey and I’ve only just started. I’m loving my sessions with you so much. "

Tina Hussain, Entrepreneur

"Working with Bryony felt so safe and familiar. Immediately, I can sense a shift in my mind and my energy.

Bryony was able to help me dissolve so many negative limiting beliefs instantaneously.

Today I care much less about what others think and so much more focussed on what I need to do. Thank you for the work you do in this world, Bryony. Such a gift."  

Leah Kosatsky, PPCC, Transformational & Business Mentor for Entrepreneurs

“From the first minute, I understood that you were very professional, and a good person too, it was easy to open up in front of you. The session was a real eye opener, I loved it so much - and it didn't stop there!

I am amazed to see how quickly things started changing in me and around me. It’s like watching a movie!  

I could instantly see a new beginning in front of me and in only a month, I’d already noticed significant changes.

Not many people know how hard is to be on the rock bottom for years, without a light of hope for any change.... this was my last inspiration and hope. I’m so happy that I asked Bryony for help. It worked!!!!! It’s still working and am sure it will continue.  

In the months following my session, self confidence boosted a lot and I changed my employment, finding work that actually makes me happy! My relationships have dramatically improved, I am very happy and people accept me the way I am.

I cannot stop thanking you for my new life, Bryony!!! You are amazing!!!"

Lidia Kj

"I was struggling with feelings of immense anger, betrayal, hurt, pain and a sense of injustice. I was trapped and the impact it was having on my emotional wellbeing was highly negative and therefore the knock on effect on my life in general.

I knew logically I needed to let go so I could move forward with my life, to not just survive but thrive, but emotionally I couldn’t seem to achieve this on my own.  

Bryony replaced the outdated negative messages that weren’t serving me and demonstrate her kindness, compassion and expertise in what she does, offering both emotional and great practical support and advice too.

I’ve come so far on my journey - working with Bryony has it has without doubt been the single most helpful thing I have done and it is letting me move forward in all areas of my life with renewed self-confidence and self-belief."

Lisa Davies, Diddidance, Manchester

"I now have set goals that I am achieving and I have to say I feel a real sense of purpose.

I have gone from feeling lost and confused to certain and sure of the direction I want my life to go in.

I highly recommend Bryony."

Claire Ward, Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

“I can definitely see the changes. I am no longer in fear of being alone or things not going my way. I know I will be ok regardless of what comes my way."

Amaya Raymond, Registered Nurse

“I have always had skyscraper dreams, huge goals. But by the age of 38, I realised I hadn’t come anywhere near achieving all that I desired and fulfilling my goal of becoming a millionaire!  

Words cannot express how thankful I am that Bryony came into my life. My sessions have been life changing. She’s helped me to embody my potent power and decide how I want to live my life. I now have no doubt in my mind I will succeed, which leaves zero room for self-doubt, fear, and negativity.

I now choose to be my own best friend, rather than my worst enemy, to continue to reach for success, rather than give up. I cannot say how my this deep and true faith in myself has changed my life.  

 I used to waste so much time beating myself up about the past, going over and over the mistakes I’d made, but Bryony has given me a new way of looking at the past. I now look at everything I’ve ever done with a smile because I’ve realised it’s all part of the tapestry of my unique life.  

My life has opened up in ways I could not have even imagined. Absolutely life changing. Thank you Bryony, for showing me the way."

Yolanda Tsang, Entrepreneur

"I would highly recommended Bryony's empowerment, she had made me feel millions better about myself and see myself as stronger and more independent.

This session has helped changed my life for the better by so much. I honestly couldn't thank her enough for helping my life like this.

I was nervous when I first arrived but has such a compassionate and kind approach that can make any woman feel comfortable. Highly recommend and what an amazing woman x"

Hannah Bilal, Student

"My husband and I both had a wonderful treatment from Bryony. We both have benefited from the wonderful gift Bryony has.

We are very grateful and we would highly recommend Bryony".

Collette Marie Tayleure-Fiddy, Healing Gardens

"WOW! Bryony is MAGIC. I cannot recommend her enough. I went to Bryony because I was experiencing limiting self beliefs, I wasn't consistently in my power and I found myself getting trigger by old old memories.

After just one session, I feel so much more expansive. It was like the cells of my body rearranged themselves, which isn't as scary as it sounds. Bryony put me immediately at ease. I trusted her and felt like she really got me.

I'm absolutely delighted by my experience working with Bryony. I want this kind of access to our inner power for all women who don't know how truly wonderful they are."

Sophie Jane Turton, The Joyful Web


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