Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to attract others like bees to honey?  

Sometimes it seems as if the most skilled people get overlooked, while less talented people get all the recognition …  

The more capable and educated can be passed up, whilst those with fewer credentials get all the breaks ... and the dates!

It can be perplexing, frustrating and down right infuriating - leaving us scratching our heads and wondering ‘what’s she got that I haven’t?!’  

The answer, gorgeous woman, is that she’s a rockstar.  

And before you rush to your leather pants and electric guitar - hold that thought!! - because when I say ‘rockstar’, I don’t mean literally!!  

I’m referring to a state of being that the psychologists, dating gurus and charisma experts refer to as the ‘rockstar mindset’.  

It’s an energy, a magnetism and an invisible force that other people just pick up on and can’t help but want more of …  

And today I’m going to teach YOU how to embody the rockstar mindset so that you can be a people magnet too.  

Afterall, you are gorgeous, talented and worthy and you deserve to be treated accordingly!!


Follow the steps below to discover how physiology is EVERYTHING and how you can magnetize people and opportunities to YOU the rockstar way!  

💥 Think back to a time when you absolutely knew you were on fire … I’m talking about a time when you felt unstoppable, uber attractive, valuable, worthy and powerful … and everyone around you knew it too. Feels good right?!!

💥 Now think back to just before you had that realisation. Observe how you were standing, breathing and holding yourself. Notice your posture ... and bingo! You have now discovered your own, personal rockstar mindset.  

But wait … let’s look at this from a different perspective …  

Think now of a moment when you were really at your worst! (It’s ok, we all have those moments!) Chances are other people picked up on this, right? It’s when we’re at our lowest that we just seem to invite other people to be rude and dismissive towards us - perhaps even f$cking insulting! Notice your posture in this moment. How were you holding yourself, how was your breathing?  

Ugh!! Not so nice!!

Now, I want you to stand up.  

Yes, really! Stand up right now (come on, no cheating lol) and use the following steps to embed your rockstar mindset for good:  

💥 Go back to that experience of awesomeness and again, think back into the moment just before you had that realisation.

💥 Assume the exact physiology of that moment. Adopt the same posture and breathing and become aware of how you are holding yourself and of how you feel.

💥 Keeping this same physiology, try and take yourself back to how you felt at your lowest. You can’t, right? When you hold the physiology of your best self, you simply cannot bring back the attributes that caused others to shun you. It’s impossible.  

💥 Now bring your attention back to your posture and breathing. Become fully aware of how you are holding yourself and lock this state of being in.

💥 Make this state of being really familiar to yourself, because this is the physiology that is absolutely going to bring magic and miracles into your life.  

You now hold the key to shifting your mood in an instance - remember - physiology is everything and when you switch your posture and breathing to the rockstar mindset, it is simply not possible for your body, mind or psyche to be anything other than powerful, valuable, worthy and attractive.

Use this exact same process whenever you need to be your best self.  

Sure, we all want to be our best self every day, and that’s fine - but be sure to take a few moments to reboot your rockstar mindset when ever you need extra boost.  

Attending a job interview or a networking event, giving a presentation or a sales pitch, attending a party, going out on the pull or reigniting passion in your marriage or relationship … your rockstar mindset is going to magnify your charm and magnetize your results in an instance.  

I'd love to know how you get on, email me at bryony@bryonywhiteley.com and let me know xx 

"I have a new confidence that feels fresh, centred and alive and my creativity is flowing twice as much as before."

Valerie Dent