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Some things in life are better shaken; your booty 💃🏽, your cocktail 🍹 and your bag of ready salted to name a few. 🤣

But there is one thing that should never be shaken - regardless of what is going on around you -  and that is your inner sense of happiness, stability and certainty.this area

When my client Leah first got in touch with me, she was stuck on an emotional merry go round. She’d be on track to being her best self and living her best life (Leah is an incredible woman and a highly sought after business strategist and entrepreneurial leader) but then her ex would get in touch, her children would be off to visit their Dad and wham! She’d find herself on the floor, overwhelmed with insecurity, doubt and fear and trying to pick up the pieces of her life once again.

This was my story, too, for much of my life. Whatever I did to move towards my goals, however much I tried to stay in the ‘happy zone’, I was always at the mercy of what other people did or didn’t do; a criticism, knock back or rejection would leave me devastated, and events played out in my family circle, amongst friends or colleagues and even on the world stage, would bring me to my knees. I was easily shaken and toppled off balance and it seemed as if there was nothing I could do about it.

It’s an exhausting, soul-sucking, life-draining place and worst still, it’s a guaranteed fast track to depression and dis-ease. There’s only so much a woman can carry until her body can take it no longer … that’s why my work is so powerful. Because I make my clients unshakable, and that’s exactly what I want for YOUn this area

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So how do you become unshakable, so that no external person, thing or event can affect your inner peace, stability, happiness and certainty?

Unshakable starts with a decision.

One single, irrefutable, irreversible decision that says NO! I will not live like this any longer.

A decision so powerful and so potent that the Universe has no option but to respond in the most phenomenal way. The Universe loves a decision and when we take that decision, that’s when the mega shifts happen. That’s when all the right people and all the right opportunities start to show up in our lives at exactly the right time and we find ourselves effortlessly progressing on our purposeful paths to happiness, meaning and fulfilment.

Leah, like all of my amazing clients, is going from one achievement to the next, she dissolved the limiting beliefs that were holding her back, she regained her focus and shifted into a woman who is truly unshakable, regardless of what is going on in the world around her.

And it starts with a decision.

Will you make that decision?

Or perhaps you’ve already made that decision for yourself and your Universe has led you here to this blog (afterall, nothing happens by accident, right?!) to reaffirm your commitment to yourself and give a big thumbs up that you are on track to being your unshakable self.s👍👍🏼👍🏿area

The world doesn’t need any more bitter and broken women, we need unshakable goddesses who are ready to live their best life, for themselves, for their loved ones and for the generations to come.

I believe YOU are that Goddess 🙏🏽❤️t in this area

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