Valentine’s Day may be the date of love for many, but for those who attended my Twin Flame workshop, Saturday 8th February will always be remembered as the day when ‘everything changed’.  

Finally Finding the One was hosted at ASH House Spiritual Retreat, Birmingham UK, to debunk the myths surrounding romantic love, uncover the Number 1 reason why people fail to attract the love they want and lift the lid on why so many of us always seem to attract the same sort or fall for the same type … aka ‘Mr/Ms Wrong’!  

The workshop included a powerful energy healing to retune the energetic frequency away from repelling love and create a vibrational match with a worthy, loving partner, and a deep trance immersion so that each participant could experience the reunion with their soulmate, and discover their exact next step to make that meeting a reality.

Here’s just some of the feedback following this unique and powerful event:  

The magic has begun This stuff works so fast! Thank you Bryony, the most fabulous teacher A fabulous session Massive energy connection I feel totally liberated and happy Wow, wow, wow!

Participants were gifted a My Perfect Partner workbook and a Twin Flame theta mediation to continue this powerful process at home.

Look at for the next Twin Flame activation event (there are names on the waiting list already!) or contact me directly to discover how you can finally find the one for you.