with the method, magic and mojo to succeed.




 with the method, magic and mojo to succeed.

Only one thing stands between you and your dreams

And it’s not found in reading another ten books or enrolling in another ten courses. It happens when you start collaborating with your own mind, clearing your limiting beliefs and becoming a vibrational match to the life you want.  

I see you, dear one; I so see you. You’re ready to be the person you always believed you’d be and have the things you always thought you’d have. You’re done with the frustration of failure and the disappointment of broken dreams, and you’re ready to claim your right (yes, I’m talking about your birthright!) to live an extraordinary life of happiness, success and fulfilment.  

I believe we all deserve to fulfil our natural potential to be, do and have all that we desire and to live a rich and balanced life. 

I believe that’s exactly where you belong.  

Hello! I’m Bryony, 

I’m your rapid results therapist, cheerleader coach and guiding mentor. My mission is to lead others to overcome crippling emotional blocks, limitation and hurt and rise into lasting happiness, purpose and prosperity. I’m creating a unity of happiness … and guess what? You’re invited.  

I’m over seeing struggle, misery and lack. It took me three decades to find a way to turn my life around for the better, and now it’s my life purpose to share it with people like you, so you don’t have to stay stuck in overwhelm and anxiety. It’s time to put an end to being broken and broke for good, and start living the life your soul is calling for.  

We’re a match made in heaven if you’re ready to:  

🌈 rise out of frustration and disappointment and into happiness and abundance, with a deep sense of inner peace, stability and self-certainty that no external situation or person can alter in any way.

🌈 erase feelings of hurt, conflict and doubt for good, so you can look back on your past with acceptance and wisdom.

🌈 delight in the fulfilment of better relationships with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to reconcile ‘unfinished business’ and find new, or renewed, love.  

🌈 experience powerful, boundless energy and go from one great achievement to the next, free from unwanted thoughts and habits.  

🌈 magnetise new opportunities with ease, unleash your innate talents and create greater financial security and freedom.

You can do all of this and more through the power of your own subconscious mind. 

When we work together, you will uncover the key to effortless change and unleash your innate talents as you learn how to communicate with your inner mind.  

Struggling is not going to cut it any longer because when you’re in a state of fear and doubt, you block the abundance and happiness you desire.  

I will believe in you, guide you, lead you to your vision of your ideal life, and empower you to make your dreams a reality. I will be with you, hand in hand, as you make this incredible journey to personal fulfilment, freedom and abundance.  

You’re going to discover how to make your goals not just possible, or even probable, but absolutely inevitable as you unlock the limitless potential of your inner mind to manifest your dreams with ease, leaving the struggle, confusion and exhaustion behind for good.  

Together we will journey into the magical realms of your own subconscious mind to uncover and erase your limiting beliefs and paradigms, and beyond into the quantum field of infinite possibilities to make your dreams an absolute certainty. 

You want the home, the career and the loving relationships; you want to be free from the pain, doubt and suffering; you want to live each day with an unshakable sense of inner peace, certainty and joy. 

All this and more is available to you as you transform your life from the inside out.

We don’t need more bitterness and regret in the world. We need emotionally, mentally and physically empowered leaders who have the natural ability to create abundance, well-being and freedom for themselves, their children and loved ones, and the generations to come.

Throughout this sacred journey, I will guide you to reset your feelings to abundant happiness and self-certainty and rewire your brain to think with clarity and power, so you become your best self within every cell of your body, right down to your energetic signature. 

As a leading transformationalist with a gift for eliminating the fluff and getting to the heart of the matter, I believe that you reclaiming who you are is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to the world. By combining deep therapeutic healing with the science of manifesting, we will skyrocket your life from chaos and frustration to deep peace and high empowerment.  

Bryony Whiteley

More about me…  

Just a little about me: I'm a proven transformational therapist seving my cleints with a unique fusion of therapy, mentoring and coaching.  

During my 30 year career, I’ve worked with thousands of visionaries, change makers and entrepreneurs. I have consulted to the British Government, written for one of the world’s largest newspapers and appeared in numerous media. I’ve launched my own businesses in the UK and abroad, worked as a practitioner in personal development, healing and transformation, and I’m mum to four wonderful children and grandmother to a beautiful little girl. Phew! Yes, I’ve been a busy woman.  

All that experience has led me here: to a place where I can provide exceptional value and life-changing service to you.  

The younger me would never have believed that lasting happiness, belonging and abundance were so easily available. Unresolved emotions, harmful relationships, financial limitations and self sabotage tainted my life. I found a way to turn everything around for the better and sharing that profound transformation with people like you gives my life incredible meaning.  

Here’s a taste of my work and extensive experience:  

♦ I’ve grown my successful therapy, mentoring and coaching business by becoming a living testament to the power of change and transforming my clients’ lives (including celebrities!) for good. Woo hoo! ♦ I left home at 16 to study spiritual fulfilment in a Vedic Ashram. ♦ I started my first business at 19 and at 25 became one of the youngest members of the Institute of Business Advisors. I’ve discovered you’re never too young to follow your dreams or too old to rewrite your story! ♦ I have advised on entrepreneurship to the UK Government, leading universities and even the Royal Family. ♦ I am an Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner, Quantum Healer and Rapid Transformational Therapist (Marisa Peer Method) — yes, I’ve got your transformation covered! ♦ I am endorsed by the National and International Councils of Psychotherapists (MNPC ICP) and verified by Pyschology Today. ♦ I’ve appeared on TV and in numerous media outlets and have written as an expert advisor in one of the world’s leading newspapers. ♦ I’ve spoken, presented and hosted on some of the main stages of the UK and in Europe and Africa. (It’s all about finding your voice, owning your power and reclaiming your va-va-voom!)  

It’s never too late to rewrite your story or too soon to live your best life!  

My gorgeous clients have gone on to:  

⚛ change careers and establish thriving, successful businesses. ⚛ find their soul mates or reignite love and passion in their marriages. ⚛ restore their health, overcome insomnia and gain younger looking skin. ⚛ drop weight without dieting, restrictions or missing out. ⚛ move into their dream homes and support their families with ease. ⚛ make a heck load more money without doing a load more work. ⚛ overcome compulsive disorders, life limiting phobias and chronic addiction for good. ⚛ release overwhelming anger, grief and procrastination and put an end to panic attacks. ⚛ uncover their life purpose and raise their psychic and intuitive powers to a whole new level. ⚛ improve their memory and experience better orgasms. ⚛ overcome allergies and intolerances and experience accelerated healing. ⚛ rise into supreme self esteem and unshakable self confidence. ⚛ own their worth and speak their truth without shame or guilt. ⚛ discover a deep sense of self love, acceptance and compassion.  

Here’s why my clients are waking up each day in joy, with a deep sense of inner stability, certainty and happiness that no situation or person can alter in any way:  

🦋 They're not trapped in the past

🦋 They’re not anxious about the future.

They’re loving their here and now and effortlessly attracting all the right people, opportunities and things into their lives according to their heart's desires.

I believe you can let go of the limitations of your past right now.  

I believe it is your birthright to be happy and successful.  

I believe your gift to the world starts with reclaiming who you are.  

I believe that when you fully rock your subconscious superpowers, you’ll launch into magic, meaning and manifesting ease.  

Are you ready for that? 

Then let's talk ...