You’re a savvy woman, right? You know a thing or two about negativity.  

Like ...

😩 Negative people drain the life out of you,

😥 Negative thoughts take away your power and leave you feeling hopeless,

😳 Negativity attracts negativity because like attracts like.  

Amen to that!! 🙆🏽

And whilst all of the above is 100% correct, the truth is that negativity is a part of the human experience. To imagine that we can be forever skipping through the glittery unicorn lands of total positivity is simply not humanly possible.  

We must therefore look for the gift in negativity (how’s that for positive thinking?!)  

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Let's have a look at those 3 so-called negative emotions. Envy is the first.

Envy is emotion that inspires you to be more, experience more and express the grandest version of who you are. Use your envy to decide who you want to be next. 

Envy that is pushed away turns to jealousy. Jealousy destroys lives. 

Ask yourself - What is envy calling me to do?

Next comes grief. Grief allows us to process loss and come to terms with the natural cycle of change and separation. Give yourself time to grieve so that you may welcome in the new. 

Grief that is suppressed turns to depression. Depression ruins lives. 

Give yourself - the space to grieve. 

Finally anger.

Anger is the force that compels us to stand in our power, to claim our worth and to smash down the barriers to our goals. Unleash your anger to rise into your best self. 

Anger that is denied becomes rage. Rage ruins lives

Challenge yourself - Where can your anger take you?

We are called, each and every day, to navigate the contradictions of life. Embracing aspects of negativity becomes a part of our journey when we know how to use so-called negative emotions’ to fuel our evolution.  

It’s time to take that pain and make it rain!  

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"I have never experienced such a deep awakening before - very magical and deeply healing"

Yvonne Tsang