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Hi, I’m Bryony,

I'm so pleased you're here. I can't wait to tell you how you can become free of problems like anxiety, addiction, confidence and self esteem issues, fears and hopelessness very, very quickly.

If you are in physical, emotional or spiritual pain or experiencing setbacks, disappointment and uncertainty in your life, you want immediate relief  and permanent, lasting change.

My work is guided by the unconventional idea that it doesn’t take a lifetime to change what’s not working in your life, you don’t need multiple sessions to be free from unwanted thoughts and painful feelings, and you certainly don’t need endless talk therapy to be your best self.

I spent most of my life believing that the inner peace, happiness and purpose that I longed for was simply not available to me - but I found a way to turn everything around for the better, and now I dedicate my life to sharing this wonderful process with others.

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Bryony Whiteley

IBryony Whiteley, S.heal, MNCP, MICP

"Absolutely life changing!"

Yolanda Tsang


"The most important thing I've ever done"

Lisa Davies

"I didn't expect results so fast!"

Tina Hussain

How does it work?

You can experience unparalleled results by harnessing the most powerful healing potential on the planet - the mind - to directly access and address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks.

I've no doubt you've experienced the power of a positive mindset in your own life, perhaps you use visualisation, affirmations or practice the Law of Attraction, but when it comes to making the big shifts, you simply cannot do this alone.

After all, if you could resolve whatever it is that's blocking your happiness, and re-set your inner compass to lead directly to the life you want, you'd have done it long ago, right?!

This is where I come in, to lead you to magic of your mind ...

I use a variety of tools and techniques to communicate with your subconscious mind. This includes some of the more traditional therapy practises, such as  CBT, psychotherapy, psychology, hypnosis, energy and spiritual healing and neurolinguistic programming (or NLP), but with a BIG difference! 

My work provides a fast and incredibly effective way to permanently overcome whatever issues you are experiencing, as opposed to relying on positive reinforcement and conditioning alone, too often the sole focus for therapists and counsellors

You can be free from the pain you’ve been holding onto for many years, experience a powerful emotional release for childhood issues and past traumas, purposefully heal your body and uncover a new sense of purpose and direction, along with renewed motivation, direction and next-steps clarity. 

My clients experience permanent, powerful change - without conscious effort - in just one to three sessions.

My clients have gone on to:

✅ release overwhelming anger, grief and procrastination and put an end to panic attacks.

✅ overcome anxiety, life limiting phobias and chronic addiction for good.

✅ restore their health, overcome insomnia and gain younger looking skin.

✅ overcome allergies and intolerances and experience accelerated healing.

✅ rise into supreme self esteem and unshakable self confidence.

✅ uncover their life purpose, change careers and establish thriving businesses.

✅ own their worth and speak their truth without shame or guilt.

✅ connect with their spirit guides, ancestors and higher self.

visit their past lives and view their future self.

✅ unlock their psychic and spiritual abilities.

✅ discover a deep sense of self love, acceptance and compassion.

Don’t spend years in therapy, or a lifetime stuck in misery like I did.  It’s time to put an end to the painful thoughts that go round and round in your head. It’s time to be free from the burden of your past, to move on with your life and finally be happy - regardless of your past experiences or your current circumstances.

If you're looking for a mentor with a proven track record, who sees your light, and knows how to guide you to be the best version of yourself, then I'd love to welcome you to my therapy room in Birmingham, UK or to private session via video call, but first, let's see if we're destined to make magic together.

Schedule a 30 minute telephone chat with me and I'll tell you how you can be your best self, and live your best life - easily and effortlessly. There's no charge for this call, it's my gift to you.


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